• Producers must cover all shipping cost of product.
  • Entrants must belong to the Northwest Cider Association.
  • Entrants must be a licensed commercial producer producing cider in the region of the Northwest Cider Association.
  • All entries, once submitted, become property of the event coordinators.

Cider Entry Eligibility

  • All entries must be product that is available to the public either in package or draft form.

Entry Fees & Registration

  • Cideries may enter up to 15 entries (one entry per style category is allowed), plus one cider to be poured at the one-day public tasting event (details below).
  • Registration information and intent to enter must be received by May 17 (information regarding sample submission and deadlines below).
  • Entry fee is $30 per cider submitted.
  • All entry fees will be used in rental of judging location, awards and meals for judges.
  • Confirmation of entry and categories will be sent to entrants by May 20. Please review the confirmation message carefully and ensure that all information is correct. You must confirm or submit any changes to your entries by May 27.

Sample Submissions

  • Cider samples must be received by June 17. Late entries will not be accepted.
  • You must provide at least four (4) 12-ounce containers, two (2) 22-ounce containers, or the equivalent of at least 48 ounces for each entry. Acceptable package sizes must be between 10 and 27 ounces. Entries must be bottled or canned. No growlers accepted.
  • Ciders must fall under one of the established PNWCA cider style categories (see PNWCA 2016 Cider Style Guidelines). For ciders that qualify for multiple categories, it will be up to the discretion of the entrant to select the category he/she thinks is the best fit. The PNWCA planning committee reserves the right to adjust categories as needed.
  • A minimum of 5 entries is required in a category for that category to be eligible to be judged independently. The PNWCA planning committee reserves the right to merge categories into hybrid categories at their discretion to ensure that awards are provided in meaningful categories with enough entries to provide healthy competition.
  • After confirmation of entries and categories, you will be provided with labels via email. These bottle labels should be affixed to the bottles or cans with a rubber band. Please do not tape labels to packages.
  • All ciders must be shipped or delivered (by appointment) to: Julie Dahlen, PNWCA, 4700 Ohio Ave S, Unit A, Seattle, WA 98134


  • Ciders will be judged by a panel of judges in a blind format on Friday, June 24. No information will be provided to judges that could tie the entry to a specific cidery.
  • Judges cannot be employees of, or have a relationship that can sway opinion with, any entrant.
  • Judging guidelines will be based on established BJCP standards, though it is not required for judges to be BJCP endorsed.
  • JModerator and judges to be announced closer to competition date.

Category Awards

  • Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the top three scoring ciders in each category.
  • In the unlikely event that all the entries in a particular category scored low, the category judges may decide to award no medals, or a combination of specific medals. For instance, there may be a bronze medal to the top scorer in a category, but no silver or gold medals.
  • A maximum of one gold, one silver and one bronze may be awarded per category.

Post Competition

  • Awards will be announced the morning of Saturday, June 25 via the PNWCA website and via social media. Winners will also be emailed directly informing the corresponding cidery of the award won.
  • Awards will be available shipping in the weeks following to the cidery address specified in the registration process.
  • All decisions from the Pacific Northwest Cider Awards are final.


  • Awards received in connection with event may be used by producers in marketing but only in connection with specific product entered.
  • Improper use in marketing of the award will result in forfeiture of award.
  • Vintage/dated ciders that win an award may only reference the award for ciders of the same vintage/production date.
  • Copies of judge’s notes will be made available upon request. Individual judges’ comments are not to be quoted for marketing purposes without the prior written approval of the PNWCA planning committee.

Public Tasting & People’s Choice Awards

  • Every entrant will have the opportunity to submit one cider (draft only) to be poured at a one-day public event following private judging.
  • This cider will be purchased by and poured at the Seattle Cider Company tasting room, The Woods, on June 25 and will be part of a public “People’s Choice” award competition.
  • Winner of People’s Choice Award will be announced the morning of Monday, June 27 via PNWCA website and social media. Winner will also be emailed directly informing them of the award won.
  • Award to be mailed to the winning cidery in the week following to address specified in the registration process.
  • To participate, please email desired submissions to Submissions must be available in draft form with enough product available to last throughout the event, with an expected foot traffic count of approximately 600 people.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us or download the guidelines.