Ciders will be judged by a panel of qualified judges in a blind format on Friday, June 24. With more than 150 ciders and 15 categories, judging will be performed in four separate sittings, with a minimum of four judges per session. This judging is not open to the public.  View designated cider categories for this competition.

Judges cannot be employees of, or have a relationship that can sway opinion with, any entrant. Judging guidelines will be based on established BJCP standards, though it is not required for judges to be BJCP endorsed. Judges will be provided with style guidelines for each cider category. No information will be provided to judges that could tie an entry to a specific cidery.

Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the top three scoring ciders in each category. In the unlikely event that all the entries in a particular category scored low, the category judges may decide to award no medals, or a combination of specific medals. For instance, there may be a bronze medal to the top scorer in a category, but no silver or gold medals. A maximum of one gold, one silver and one bronze may be awarded per category.

Awards will be announced the morning of Saturday, June 25 via the PNWCA website and via social media. Winners will also be emailed directly informing the corresponding cidery of the award won. Awards will be mailed in the weeks following to the cidery address specified in the registration process.

To be announced in June.

Individual judging notes will be made available to participating cideries the week following the competition.